BONUS - In the Bleak Midwinter "Tuned In"

from by Julianne Marx and Craig Olson

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People have been asking me how I created this uber cool sound, the delicious vocal harmonies and choir-like effect that sounds like several voices, not just one. So here's the skinny!

I got the idea from the extremely cool cult fave song by Imogen Heap called "Hide and Seek." She wrote the book on this kind of stuff!

I use a little magic stomp-box called "Voice Live" and connect it to my vocal microphone and midi keyboard. I sing just like any singer does into the mic, and just add one little tidbit of extra goodness. While singing, I also play chords on the keyboard and these notes, through the VoiceLive box, magically appear in the speakers as vocal harmonies.

So basically I just sing and play piano. The only difference is that the notes I play on the piano are transformed into vocal harmonies. Ain't technology grand?

This song was recorded in one take by one guy with one microphone, one piano and two hands. No overdubs, no remixing, no kidding. It's all there, mistakes and all. Please enjoy responsibly. <grin>

Pretty feakin cool!!


from Midwinter Moon, released November 2, 2010




Julianne Marx & Craig Olson Bellingham, Washington

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